Firmafy - Firma electrónica para empresas
Firmafy - Firma electrónica para empresas

The e-Signature application for your company

Your customers will sign any document online from their mobile phone quickly, securely and with full legal validity. It’s that easy, without downloading anything.

We are a trusted electronic service provider in accordance with EU Regulation 910/2014.

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The only Electronic Signature that includes up to 5 evidences that guarantee the identity of the signatory and the validity of the signed document.


Audit of the firm

Every document signed with Firmafy includes a complete audit of the signing process.


Biometric signature

Our firm collects biometric data that uniquely identifies the signer


OTP code

It includes a unique security code that must be entered before signing.


Time stamping

Precise moment of the signature certified by the National Mint and Stamp Factory.


CSV code

Code that identifies the signed document and guarantees that it has not been altered.

They already trust us


How does Firmafy work?


Firmafy - Firma documentos desde tu móvil en el momento Firma electrónica

Close sales at the moment

How many quotes or contracts have been left behind because your clients didn’t have access to a scanner or printer to return them signed?

With Firmafy they will sign them online from their mobile, in a matter of seconds.


Why choose Firmafy?

Your clients, workers and suppliers will be able to sign all kinds of documents electronically and with full legal validity.

Electronic signature with legal validity

Firmafy includes up to 5 pieces of evidence that guarantee the identity of the Signatory.

Save time on calls

You will be able to track the status of each signature and create reminders for your clients

Streamline your processes and signatures

You will reduce the waiting time for signing your documents and related procedures.

More sustainable with the environment

Your company will reduce the use of paper and consumables and CO2 emissions.

Your office more secure and in the cloud

Eliminate filing cabinets, Firmafy allows you to digitize your documents safely.

Boost the image of your company

Improve the customer experience. They will solve everything with your company comfortably from their mobile.

API compatible with your programs

Integrate the electronic signature in your processes, save time in the procedures.

Simple and intuitive system

Your clients won’t have to download anything. The signature starts from an email or SMS.

Multiple signers and files at the same time

Several documents can be signed, by two or more people at the same time or in order.
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Try Firmafy for free

Start using Firmafy today. Access the Free plan for free.

What documents can be signed online with Firmafy?

Your clients, workers and suppliers will be able to sign all kinds of documents electronically and with full legal validity.

Labor documents

Employment contracts, extensions, ERTES, notifications and more.

Service contracts

Contracts for the provision of services, collaboration, Annexes.

Direct debit

Direct debit, SEPA Core and B2B authorizations.

From the real estate area

Deposit contracts, sale, rent, sales orders.

Data Protection

Informed consents, GDPR contracts.

Insurance contracts

Valid to sign all types of insurance and policies, notifications.

Of the sanitary area

Informed consents, authorizations, contracts.


To sign budgets, I received and all kinds of subscriptions.

Success stories with Firmafy

These are some of the sectors that are already using Firmafy.


Human Resources




Commercial section


Real estate


Data Protection


Marketing sector






Web applications

What do our customers says

“After trying Firmafy, I see it as a necessity for my company. We cannot work without this tool”

Aadel Hamed

CEO Ómibu, Marketing.

“I can streamline project management, save a lot of time and money. A positive change for my company.”

Rubens Cano

CEO M57, Architect.

“It has helped us to systematize processes with the client and generate savings and greater legal security for both parties.”

Carlos Sánchez

Production director & IT. Xcape

Manage everything from your control panel

Firmafy includes a control Dashboard from where you can track the status of all your signatures, manage all your signed documentation, create reminders for customers, save templates. And all customizable with your brand.

Exclusive features of Firmafy that you will love

  • Data request. If in addition to the signature, they have to complete some information.
  • Mass shipping. In one management, you can have all your workers and clients sign you.
  • Create templates with the documents you use the most.
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